dzulfotografi wedding photographer

dzulfotografi Personal Details

Name: Zulhafizan Bin Jamel
15 October 1983
Marital Status: Single

How I started
I have never been interested in photography prior to year 2002. It changed when I voluntarily to join ZM Productions as a beginner newly malay wedding photographer.  There is the way I utilized my humble 'point & shoot' camera and sometimes sharing group DSLR to capture the local malay wedding images. Like any beginner, the standard of the photos left much to be desired. Thus begun the journey of an inspiring, interesting and philosophical quest for better photography. The process involved started from the inspiration, to the intense attention and concentration required before pressing the shutter followed by the eager anticipation of the final print. I read extensively on anything to do with photography and art. After reading the series basic learning and many advice from my 'sifu' (Zamrin Mohamad - founder of ZM Productions) and also from Adan Impresif website (Photoschool), my smouldering passion for photography was fueled further. His dedication for perfection in photography truly amazed and inspired me.

My gears

I bought an amatuer / semi-pro Nikon D70s DSLR camera and before long I discovered that my needs have outgrown this faithful camera. After much research and with due consideration of my budget, I finally upgraded my gears to Nikon D300 plus a few more lenses and accessories.
(Still in my dream because need to commit more for my own big day first..)

About my work

At this time I am concentrating on wedding photography (On The Day Event).  I find it more fun and exciting; also got some risk to be face where the photographer has to come out with a composition from the genesis of an idea on the spot during the event. It is a challenge to the photographer's patients, creativity and technical skill and also human communications.

My Motto

It is not what you see, but it is the way you see it.